St. Louis Cardinals Essays

  • St. Louis Perfectos Case Study

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    The St. Louis Cardinals are arguably one of the best franchises in MLB history. The team was officially founded in 1882. Before 1882, the team was called the St. Louis Brown Stockings and played in a charter league in the National League in 1876. John Lucas the team's owner at the time took the team out of the league though due to a pitching scandal. The Cardinals were originally called the Perfectos until 1900. The first owner of the Perfectos was Chris von der Ahe, a German immigrant. Chris von

  • Descriptive Essay On Baseball

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    perspiration to run down the bridge of your nose, or if it’s a frigid thirty-degree night, causing every bone in your body to shiver. The Cardinals franchise has a prominent playoff history and the atmosphere that is present in Busch Stadium reveals why to you. St. Louis fans know how to get engaged and make every game feel like a battle in October. The Cardinal crowd can cause chaos by waving their rally towels which provokes a sea of 42,500 to form a white blanket. Another aspect of the atmosphere

  • Narrative Essay About Baseball History

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    than I do boxing but don’t get me wrong I still love baseball. In the 80s I remembered the Cardinals led by Ozzie Smith and they were constantly a title contender. Ozzie is probably my favorite player and cardinal of all time,”(Jesse). There were a lot of very popular baseball players at the time that Mcgwire played and he was definitely one of them. “My favorite player of all time that was not on the Cardinals would have to be between Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders. I would say I like them because I admired

  • Branch Rickey Biography Essay

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    Louis, Rickey signed and developed numerous hall of fame players and premier names of the day such as George Sisler, Pepper Martin, Dizzy Dean, Joe Medwick, Enos Slaughter, Marty Marion and Stan Musial. Following a championship run in '42, Rickey moved

  • Mark Mgwire Research Paper

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    to Steroid Use It was early in January when the whispers first started in the St. Louis area. The news being spread across the city almost seemed like a bad game of telephone. One person started it and by the time it reached you, you thought the news had to be mixed up. That wasn’t the case this time. It was not until you heard the news go across social media and then broadcasted on the radio, that the Cardinal fans knew the whispers were the truth. The man on the radio announced “BREAKING NEWS:

  • My Supreme Court Case: Flood V. Kuhn

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    the case. Curt Flood was an outfielder on the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team during the 1969 season. Bowie Kuhn was the Commissioner of Baseball at this time. At the end of the 1969 baseball season Flood was traded without his knowledge. Flood had great career stats: a .293 hitter, three- time all star, won the Gold Glove award seven consecutive years (1963-1969) and wining the World Series in 1964 and 1967, both while playing with the Cardinals. Flood wanted to become a free agent because

  • Albert Pujols Research Paper

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    Albert Pujols Net Worth Jose Alberto Pujols Alcantara was born on the 16th January 1980 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He earned his popularity and net worth, playing baseball in the American Major League for teams St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles of Anaheim under the short name Albert Pujols. During his career, Albert has won numerous prestigious awards including 6 times Silver Slugger award, he was named 3 times the NL MVP and he was chosen 10 times for the All Star game, among others

  • 42 And Remember The Titans: Film Analysis

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    from an umpire Jackie is clearly safe at first base but the umpire calls him out. Then when Jackie is playing the field at first base on runner spikes Jackie in the calf slicing him wide open. In Jackie first major league game they play the St. Louis Cardinals and the coach calls Jackie explicit racial slurs the entire time. In Remember the Titians even though its pretty modern time they still run into there own problems with race. Such as when the new coach takes over the all the white players say

  • Why Is Yadier Molina The Highest Paid Catcher In Baseball?

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    Why is Yadier Molina the Highest Paid Catcher in Baseball? Yadier Molina, 34, and the St. Louis Cardinals agreed to a three year extension worth $60 million before the season started. That contract now makes him the highest paid catcher in baseball by annual average. It was important for the Cardinals to get the deal done before the season started as Molina stated he would not negotiate terms of a new contract during the season. Molina had signed a five-year, $75 million contract in 2012, but even

  • Mark Mcgwire Biography

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    Mlb history. Being a Missouri native, Angela Juergensmeyer grew up watching St. Louis Cardinals baseball with her family and enjoying every minute of it. She grew up watching John Tudor, Ozzie Smith, and all the greats from St. Louis play baseball. She new a inconsequential amount of information about Mark McGwire before his debut with the Cardinals but never really watched him play until his first year with the Cardinals in 1997. She knew about his career over in Oakland and how he was an average

  • Babe Ruth: The Greatest Barrier To Success

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    “The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” Babe Ruth was always into trouble as a young kid before he became a baseball player. Jackie Robinson learned that the color of people does not matter. Struggling with offense, Ozzie Smith hit a walk off homerun in the World Series to win the game. To accomplish incredible goals one must face fear. Babe Ruth was referred to as the greatest baseball player of all time. Babe’s real name is George Herman Ruth Jr. He had a total of 714 home runs

  • Why Was Jackie Robinson So Famous

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    Not only Jackie Robinson was rookie of the year in 1947 and 1955 World Series champion. He also was an activist for all civil rights athletes even before his fame for baseball. Jackie Robinson is what makes major league baseball how it is today! That is because his actions and bravery when he stormed the major leagues. Jackie Robinson also was a voice for all black athletes in all sports not just baseball. Jackie Robinson was born on a plantation near Cairo, Georgia, on January 31, 1919. When he

  • Jackie Robinson Research Papers

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    Jackie Robinson Jackie robinson was famous for being the first African American to play in the mlb. Jackie once said “I’m not concerned with your liking me or disliking me...All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.’’ When Jackie Robinson first entered the mlb it was in the heat of the civil rights fight against racism. Jackie Robinson is concerned one of the best mlb player ever. Jack Roosevelt Robinson also known as Jackie was born on January 31, 1919. He grow up in the small town of

  • Jackie Robinson's Role In Major League Baseball

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    Jackie was born January 31 1919 in Cario Georgia. Jackie Robinson 2 names Robison and jack Roosevelt Jackie Robinson was an all American baseball player. When Jackie Robinson was 1 his dad left and Jackie and his family moved to Pasadena California. ‘’Jackie Robinson, was an outstanding athlete he also attended muir technical high school he was starred in basketball, football and track. After graduating high school jack than joined the u.s. army and served 31 months. In the army jack meet a man who

  • Jackie Robinson: Institutional Oppression In Baseball

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    All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.” To me, this quote is like a Chicago Cubs fan or a St. Louis Cardinals fan hating on the other team because of their rival, but when it came down to who the great players were, everyone would be in agreement. All in all, Jackie just wanted the respect that every other ball player received when he stepped on the

  • Jackie Robinson's Legacy

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    Jackie Robinson “When Jackie took the field in 1947, something unusual rose up in all of us. For he’d demonstrated something could he done. Jackie Robinson took courageous steps for all of us. In a world still turns by racial hatred, he symbolizes judging people on merit rather than physical characteristics. His legacy is in hope he offered to millions of black Americans and the enlightenment of others.” Jackie took large steps for not only baseball but for America. In my essay I won’t only talk

  • Big Papi Quotes

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    perspective of David Ortiz within the quote: “In major-league baseball, especially, there is a kinship among Dominican Players. [Pedro] Martinez might play for the New York Mets and Ortiz for the Red Sox, and Albert Pujols might play for the St. Louis Cardinals. But they are all Dominicans first. The bond is difficult for many major-league players to fully understand, save those rare major leaguers who have forged careers in foreign countries like, for instance, Japan” (Ortiz 43). Although baseball

  • Personal Narrative: Baseball Winter Meetings

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    On October 13th, The Cubs won a postseason series for the first time ever at Wrigley Field when they punched their ticket to the NLCS by beating the St. Louis Cardinals. However, in a fiery matchup against the New York Mets, the Cubs fell flat. The Mets were in control, their offense pummeled the Cubs pitching, scoring a total of 21 runs in 4 games. It wasn 't the time for the Cubs. The Mets caught fire,

  • Analyze And Evaluate The History Of Sports In The 1930's

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    When people analyze and evaluate the history of sports from a technological aspect, games have tremendously been influenced where gathering content is attainable expeditiously with the click of a mouse. The ability to gather information so rapidly in today’s sports market is something that was unheard of about 20-30 years ago. Furthermore, technology just doesn’t influence sports; it has an impact on everything in society. For example, music has been recorded for over centuries when technology was

  • 1919 Chicago White Sox Team Analysis

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    The players on the Charles Comiskey's 1919 Chicago White Sox team were a fractious lot. The club was divided into two "gangs" of players, each with practically nothing to say to the other. Together they formed the best team in baseball, perhaps one of the best teams that ever played the game, yet they--like all ball players of the time--were paid a fraction of what they were worth. The White Sox owner paid two of his greatest stars, outfielder "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and third baseman Buck Weaver