Jackie Robinson's Role In Major League Baseball

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Jackie was born January 31 1919 in Cario Georgia. Jackie Robinson 2 names Robison and jack Roosevelt Jackie Robinson was an all American baseball player. When Jackie Robinson was 1 his dad left and Jackie and his family moved to Pasadena California. ‘’Jackie Robinson, was an outstanding athlete he also attended muir technical high school he was starred in basketball, football and track. After graduating high school jack than joined the u.s. army and served 31 months. In the army jack meet a man who pitched for kanas city monarchs in negro league baseball to try out. Jackie then tried out for the team and although he didn’t like the idea the salary was $400 per month. During the first meeting Robinson hoped to use his exposure to land a job …show more content…

During that first meeting, Rickey told Robinson what it would be like to be the first black man in the major leagues. Playing the role of bigoted fans, of insulting hotel clerks, and generally saying to Robinson what others were sure to say, Rickey finally asked, "Can you do it?" Robinson answered by asking Rickey if he wanted a ballplayer who was "afraid to fight back?" And Rickey told him he wanted "a ballplayer with the guts not to fight back." Robinson left Rickey 's office that day with a $3500 signing bonus and a $600 per month contract to play for the Dodger farm club in Montreal (‘’ Jackie Robinson,’’ Contemporary) . Montreal won the league pennant, and after one game the fans carried Robinson around the field in celebration. The next season, Robinson was brought to spring training by the Dodgers. After he made the major league club, rumblings were heard around the league. Some baseball people predicted that Robinson would not make it simply because he was black. One New York reporter said, "Robinson may be going good now, but colored boys have no endurance. He won 't last the season out." One of Robinson 's own teammates, star catcher Dixie Walker, said he would rather be traded than be on the same team as a black

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