Analyze And Evaluate The History Of Sports In The 1930's

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When people analyze and evaluate the history of sports from a technological aspect, games have tremendously been influenced where gathering content is attainable expeditiously with the click of a mouse. The ability to gather information so rapidly in today’s sports market is something that was unheard of about 20-30 years ago. Furthermore, technology just doesn’t influence sports; it has an impact on everything in society. For example, music has been recorded for over centuries when technology was an afterthought. There were no computers, digital mixing systems or the latest technological equipment available to past musicians during the 1920’s or 1930’s. In addition, the quality of movies that were produced from the beginning of the 20th Century until today has drastically evolved with graphics and special effects enhancements. Lastly, I remember the era when people had beepers and would use a pay phone or go back upstairs to return the page received. Looking no further than our own pockets, the majority of people today …show more content…

The advancement of technology has allowed the NFL to evaluate and improve officiating and protect players. The NFL has a command center where they can monitor games to evaluate officials so the correct calls are made. Within the command center, there’s an instant replay system and wireless communications that are enabled for coaches, players, and officials to utilize during the game. Furthermore, content can be retrieved instantaneously on tablets during the game for coaches to dissect their opponent’s tendencies by trying to beat their competition. For example, coaches didn’t have immediate access to analyze plays when the content had to be printed out in black and white paper which is time consuming during a live game. The ability to gather information rapidly and efficiently can be the difference between winning and

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