Baseball In The 1920's

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Imagine you are sitting at a baseball game eating cracker jacks or at a football game yelling because your team scored or you could be yelling at the refs because they made a bad call. There are many people that love sports but there was also a lot of people that loved sports when they became popular in the 1920’s. Sports have came a long why since then. They have became more competitive, the skill levels have improved a lot, and they are also easier to watch and keep up with because of how far technology has came. Who doesn’t love to watch baseball in the summer? America's pastime then and now is baseball. Baseball’s best player in the 1920’s and probably the best in baseball's history is know as George Herman Ruth, or more commonly know …show more content…

Many people didn’t think that African American’s should play sports or they could play sports but not with white men. In Kansas City, Missouri, Andrew “Rube” Foster organized the National Negro League. Foster is known as the father of Black Baseball. He became the first president of the league. The NNL consisted of teams from the South and the Midwest. On December 16, 1923, the Eastern Colored League was formed. In 1924, the first Negro World Series was played against the NNL and the ECL. The ECL collapsed in 1928 but then reemerged in 1929 as the American Negro League. The depression was a very hard time fo black baseball. Because of the depression many leagues fell apart. The NNL ended in 1931 but then rejoined 1933. The NNL was also the only Negro team that was operating until 1937. The Negro American League was formed in 1937 and it consisted of teams from the South and the Midwest. The NNL eventually joined with the NAL and was the last Negro major league through 1960. During the Negro League, there was 11 Black World Series. The all-star game started in 1933 and the game was play every summer at Chicago’s Comiskey Park. It was considered more important than the World …show more content…

He started playing in the Negro League but the he became a manager in the majors. He did that for 2 years and then he finally got moved up the the majors. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. When he played in the Negro League, he played in Kansas City for the Monarchs. He finally retired in 1957. For being the first African American to play in the majors, he got his number retired throughout baseball. Another well know African American baseball player was Satchel Paige. He was 2nd to play in the American League. He became the first African American to pitch in the World Series and in the All-Star game. He signed with the Cleveland Indians in 1948 at age 42. He finally finished playing in 1953 but he did pitch 3 innings for Kansas City in 1965 at age 59. He is also known as black baseball’s notable

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