Narrative Essay About Baseball History

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On September 8, 1998 there was a MLB record broken. This record stood for over 35 years and was held by New York Yankee, Roger Maris. As Jesse Quiroz lay on the couch, he explains his memory of the night that Mark Mcgwire broke one of the hardest records to break in MLB history. He remembered that night very vividly. Jesse admitted in the beginning, “ I was a very busy person during that time. I was a college student who was also working a lot. I was getting home from work, ready to watch the big game,”(Jesse). He was attending a bible college in Columbus Ohio during the time that Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa were racing for the record. “Every game he played in progressively got more and more popular every time. People were just so ready …show more content…

There are so many people that live and breathe baseball. “Baseball is not my favorite sport. My favorite sport is most definitely boxing/UFC. My Dad has always been a very big boxing fan and that really rubs off on me. I grew up watching the sport and knowing all of the best boxers. Now I watch more UFC than I do boxing but don’t get me wrong I still love baseball. In the 80s I remembered the Cardinals led by Ozzie Smith and they were constantly a title contender. Ozzie is probably my favorite player and cardinal of all time,”(Jesse). There were a lot of very popular baseball players at the time that Mcgwire played and he was definitely one of them. “My favorite player of all time that was not on the Cardinals would have to be between Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders. I would say I like them because I admired their talent of being able to play both sports on the pro level. That definitely blew me away as a kid, that a person can be that talented, and it still amazes me to this day”(Jesse). Deion Sanders played in both the NFL and the MLB. Deion is widely known as one of the best cornerbacks of all time and played on multiple NFL teams. Some teams are the Falcons, Cowboys, Niners, Redskins and the Ravens. The MLB teams he played on were the Braves, Yankees, Reds, and the Giants. The most incredible thing about Bo Jackson was not only the fact that he played both NFL and MLB but also the fact that he excelled in both major sports. Bo is widely known as one of the best all around athletes of all time. Bo also has the best 40 time of any football player ever which really shows off his

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