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Ted Williams: Greatest Hitter that ever lived
By Devin Gildner

Born in San Diego California, on August 30th 1918. Ted Williams one of the greatest hitters that ever lived. In his first career season with the Boston Red Sox, his batting average was .329. His lifetime batting average was .344. In the season of 1941 he hit at the average of .406 and won the Triple Crown. He was soon becoming one of the best hitters of the Boston Red Sox, but also one of the greatest of all time.

But Williams could've been one of the greatest hitters for the opposition. When Williams graduated Herbert Hoover High School, he also played baseball as a pitcher and was the best player on the team. He had offers from the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York …show more content…

He famously used a lighter bat than most sluggers, because it gave a faster swing. In David Halberdtam’s summer of 49’ Williams told his teammates “if you leave your bat on the ground they would absorb the moisture from the soil and become heavier.” People would present Williams with four bats weighing 34 ounces and one weighing 33 1/2 ounces, and asked him to find the lighter bat, and he would consistently do so. He loved the game so much that he could tell the different weights

Williams was great, but had a bad temper. In 1958 in a game against the Washington Senators. Ted struck out, and as he stepped from the batter's box swung his bat in anger. The bat slipped from his hands, was sent into the stands and hit a 60 year old woman, she was a housekeeper of the Red Sox general manager. While this wasn’t on purpose and Williams apologized to the woman personally, to all appearances it seemed at the time that Williams had threw the bat during a moment of bad temper.

Williams lacked foot speed, as attested by his 19-year career total of only one inside-the-park home run, one occasion of hitting for the cycle, and just 24 stolen bases. but still has stolen bases in three different …show more content…

In his return in 1946 the Splendid Splinter lost none of skill and won his second triple crown with the average of .342. Then in 1952, he was called again for service as a pilot in the Korean War, This time in combat. Even though ted Williams had lost 5 years by serving his country, he still hit 521 career home runs. He also won the American league batting title in 1958 (at age 40) and is still the oldest player to do so.

Ted Williams soon retired in 1960 and was inducted in the hall of fame in 1966 in his first year of eligibility. Soon after, he became the manager of the Washington Senators/ Texas Rangers in 1969 to 1972. Not only was he a great baseball player, manager and American hero, but he was also a great fisherman. He even hosted his own television show on fishing and was inducted in the national fishing hall of fame as well. He was great.

Ted Williams also was a huge part of a local charity around the New England area named "The jimmy fund" he helped raise millions to the cancer research. Williams was the face of advertising for the Jimmy fund, and in 1991 president George H.W Bush presented Williams with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The highest award that can be awarded to civilians. In 1997 Williams was also selected in the MLB's "All Time team" and in 1999 the "All Century

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