Personal Narrative Essay About Playing Baseball

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First home run Crack! The ball flew off the bat and went as high as a bird in the sky. Aaron is a young 11 year old boy who loves playing baseball whenever he can. Every Time that he would step up to the plate he was always swing for the fence and dreamed about hitting the ball over and seeing all the fans cheer as he rounded the bases. All of times Aaron had played he never had home run but was always close sometimes hitting the wall just short of the ball going over it: but today that was about to change. was thursday at 6 o 'clock and was Aaron 's very last home game of the year and now was his last chance if he wanted to hear the roar of the crowd as he rounded the bases. Aaron arrived to the ball park smelling the crisp tender smell of the hot dogs being cooked …show more content…

As he saw the dark sky right above the trees in center field as the moon glimmered down on the field he felt as nervous as a cat that hears a mouse in the wall. The roaring of the crowd was in the air like a pack of howling wolves everyone excited to see what Aaron would do in his last at bat of the year. Finally, the first pitch simmers past him as the umpire screeched “Strike one”! The pitches then went by and they were all balls. By now the count was 3-1 against Aaron and he knew if the pitcher wanted to have a chance at getting him out. There was, a pitch right down the middle as everything seemed to be in slow motion when he swung at the ball as hard as he could. Pow! The ball went flying into the air and into the trees as cleared the outfield wall. The crowd went wild as Aaron trotted around the bases with a grin on his face. When he reached the dugout his teammates were right there congratulating him on his achievement with high fives and pats on the bag. After the game, Aarons coach greeted him with the ball that he hand he made sure that he would keep that ball for the rest of his life. Once he got home and took a shower, he laid in bed grateful for what had happened that

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