Ken Griffey Obstacles

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To the real world Ken Griffey had it all. But behind the scenes, he faced turmoil and he fought against it and became one of the best baseball players the game has ever seen. Griffey JR was born in Pennsylvania, but moved when he was young to Cincinnati because that’s who his dad played for the Reds. That is where Griffey grew up and began loving baseball. Griffey out of high school was the most talented player in that years draft. Griffey could have played college football, but the baseball diamond is where he felt at home. He was selected by the Seattle Mariners had the 1st pick and used it on Griffey. Then the rest is history. Griffey has since then become one of the best players the game has seen. But things weren't always perfect. Griffey faced obstacles and overcame them. Ken Griffey Jr was motivated to struggle for change after he faced depression and tried …show more content…

But he did something nobody expected him to do. “he was on the brink of breaking the bank through free agency, perhaps becoming the first $200 million player. But Griffey chose not to pursue it.”(Leavy). Griffey wanted family, and Cincinnati gave him just that. Griffey took a tremendous pay cut to go play for his hometown. Over the years Griffey Sr. and Jr’s relationship had gotten a lot better. That’s one of the main reasons Griffey came home. "Every little boy has a dream of playing at home in front of his family and friends, and it was the same with me," says Griffey, who signed a shockingly low nine-year contract worth $116.5 million. "I got to put on the same uniform that my dad wore--and the same number."(Leavy). The dream of finally playing at home in front of family and friends had finally come true for Griffey. Griffey was never about the money or the fame. Griffey just wanted to play ball. If you ask me, he played it pretty

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