Jackie Robinson: Civil Rights Baseball Star

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Jackie Robinson
Civil Rights Baseball Star Activist, athlete, and Leader are three words people often think of in connection with Jackie Robinson. Many people know Jackie Robinson as a famous baseball player, but he was so much more. Jackie Robinson changed the world as the first black professional baseball player in times of segregation and racism in the world. He showed that African Americans could do anything just as good as a white person. He left a legacy as the Civil Rights Baseball Star. There were many problems in the world during the life of Jackie Robinson. There were many world problems all over from the MLB to America. Many people were against Jackie playing professional baseball so they made death threats. His fellow teammates …show more content…

In 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first black player to be in the Major League changing his own life but many others (Lincoln Library 82). He shook hands with Branch Rickey on August 28th 1945 to sign a deal with the Dodgers ( Robinson 9 ). Jackie entered the league bringing a new element of excitement. Before Jackie the Brooklyn Dodgers had been losing one World Series after another and Jackie came and finally changed that. He had to handle his emotions against racists around the league or blacks might have failed during this time. During his lifetime he taught people that life is not important unless it has an impact. Robinson taught on and off the field by being a Vocal Rights Activist. Later on in his life he called out the New York Yankees a racist organization because they didn’t allow black players on their team for two years after he broke the barrier ( Biography.com ). After breaking the barrier he told the world that equality and justice was his goal. When fellow black players entered the league Robinson offered help introduce them to the world of professional sports. The most important thing for Jackie’s legacy was that he was proud of his skin color that helped him become a national figure in sports. Jackie has left along many long memories with his legacy as well as memories from other …show more content…

He showed that African Americans could do anything just as good as anybody else. He did this by being the first African American in times of brutal diversity and racism. Even today Jackie Robinson is remembered as the man who changed baseball and America forever. He made a difference in the world by leading other African Americans to play sports and I have opportunities in life. Perhaps if people were more like Jackie Robinson they would be able to make a huge difference in the

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