Jackie Robinson: Breaking Down Barriers

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Jackie Robinson: Breaking Down Barriers When Jackie Robinson stepped on Ebbets Field on April 15, 1947, he single-handedly paved the way for some of the most well-known athletes in the world. Without Robinson, there would be no Michael Jordan, no Hank Aaron, and no Tiger Woods or Cam Newton. The heroic act of simply becoming the first black man to play professional sports was one that will forever affect the sports world and the lives of individuals around the world. What he meant to the world was even more than being just some special athlete, he was a leader and proved a colored man could do everything in society that a white man could do. Jackie Robinson was a powerful figure who benefited society by breaking the color barrier, playing …show more content…

In honor of the great Jackie Robinson, his wife Rachel founded the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship; a dream of Robinsons his whole life. This foundation awards minority student who aspire to attend college but do not have the means to do so. Jackie believed in an equal opportunity for all people, in this wish, his wife founded this foundation to achieve his dream of equal opportunity for people of all races and incomes. Last fall, the foundation awarded 1.2 million dollars in scholarship money to 240 students. Since the 1970s, 800 students across the country have received the prestigious award (“Robinson Foundation”). As seen, this foundation has given hope and a chance in life to many minority children across the nation. In Robinson’s own life, he did a tremendous amount of work and volunteering for non-profit organizations, especially the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Gordon). The NAACP provides major living upgrades for colored people. Robinson spent much of his after baseball career devoting his time to this organization. Throughout his storied life, Jackie Robinson touched and immensely influenced the lives of thousands of …show more content…

Robinson was not allowed to stay in the same hotels as his teammates when they traveled on the road (42). He separate but equal law given by Jim
Crow Laws played a huge role in Jackie’s life as he wasn’t allowed to have the same rights as the rest of his team. Robinson proved that black men can do anything and everything that a white man could do, and by being able to put up with all the tormenting and criticism he received in his life proved what a strong man he was. Throughout Robinson’s life, he had a major effect on society through becoming the first
African-American to play professional baseball, playing a monumental role in the rights of blacks, and touching the lives of many others through his self-less volunteer work. Jackie lived an amazing life where he was both a star athlete and a leader of society. What he did helped the lives of a countless number of minority individuals. Without Robinson, some of the world’s most popular athletes might not have gotten a chance, but thanks to one man, Jackie Robinson, their dreams could become a reality. His life was one lived for others and he was one of the most important leaders of the 20th

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