Compare And Contrast Baseball And Basketball

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As we all know soccer and tennis are the sports that are widely known throughout the entire world, but baseball and basketball our the major sports of our country and are widely recognized throughout the U.S. These two sports are a symbol to our country. Due to their high popularity, they have spread around the world and now are known as two of the most well known sports. Baseball and Basketball are not only different from each other but also quite similar. For example, baseball may be played on a diamond, while basketball is played on a court. But don’t they both wear uniforms?
One similarity of the two sports, would be the fact they both use a ball. Although baseball and basketball use a different form and sized ball they are both required to use a round ball in order to play …show more content…

Basketball is played on a court inside. It is played on 84 ft court and it is rectangle shape. It consists of two three point lines, free throw line, and and baseline. There is one of each on each side. There is even a half court line. Baseball is played outside on a diamond. The diamond consists of white chalked foul lines, four bases where one is home plate. Baseball fields usually have dirt in the infield and grass outside of it. The key to win a basketball is to score more baskets than your opponents, while in baseball the key is to score more runners than the other team. In a game of baseball, you must wear a hat and pants. In basketball you wear shorts and a tank top jersey. As you can see there are many more differences between them, then similarities.
As you can see, these two sports compare and contrast in all kinds of ways. But overall, both sports are a big part of our world, and has become rich in history. Both baseball and basketball are supposed to be fun, and I require everyone to try both. If you are ever bored, just ask your friends or siblings to play a pickup game of baseball or

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