American Baseball Religion

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Yenesis Murillo
16 December 2015
Professor Cummings
RS 100

The Hidden Religious Significance of American Baseball

I have reviewed the hidden religious significance in American Baseball, how similar the two matters tie together is remarkable. There is not one aspect of baseball that does not tie together with religion from the first pitch being thrown to the hot dog eating fan in the stand; the similarities are undeniable.

I. Introduction Religion often times is depicted as a specific institution that follows the teaching of the Bible, Torah, or the Quran. People fail to realize that religion can stand as anything for any particular person depending on their values. These values bring about sacred symbols, object, or systems to
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Church or ritual ceremonies are seen as a form of entertainment that many are devoted to going to on a weekly basis. A devoted baseball fan finds it by any means necessary to watch the game on television or attend it live because they find it entertaining, Every religion has different rituals that are followed throughout the year, and during baseball season you have fans and players following specific rituals they believe will help their team win. Baseball is sport has the long season of any sport of a 162 games in the regular season; it takes a big commitment by a player to consistently be able to perform at a high performance day in and day out. The body does not rest; in the off-season players continue to work on how to better themselves. The dedication for the sport in seen through grueling training. The comparison with religion is there; some religion ask for the simply commitment that one finds time to worship the lord every Sunday, or committing to a fasting of some kind for a certain time period. Many follow these commitments because it is what is in their hearts, and it brings them join. There are times for baseball and organized religious what is being asked to do is not the most pleasant, but because one feels it has given so much to them spiritually they find it in the souls to sacrifice what…show more content…
The only real difference is how this commitment is shown. Fans make sure to wear their team’s colors in support, chant during the innings to encourage the team, and sing along to the nation anthem before the beginning of the game. Many fans boo the opposing team to show how dedicated their love for their team is.
The followers of religion come together to worship either in a Temple, mosque, church anywhere that in considers a house of worship there they worship and pray together. Baseball stadiums are seen the same way. People gather there to enjoy the atmosphere and watch their favorite teams play. These places by both groups feel a sense of belonging; it is somewhere they can be themselves.

IV. Conclusion In conclusion, it is indisputable that the hidden religious significance of baseball is there. Baseball has been around for the American people since the very beginning; it has grown with the nation and continues to put forth the values it brings with it to society generation after generation. Religion remains to do the same; families continue to practice and pass on the rituals, faith, and traditions that have been held together century after
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