Argumentative Essay: Why Basketball Is Better Than Soccer

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Why Basketball is Better than Soccer

Both basketball and soccer are very good sports, however I think that basketball is better. In this, I will explain why basketball is better than soccer.
Game Requirements
Basketball and Soccer both were invented. But when? Basketball was invented in 1891. But soccer was invented in 4500 BC. It wasn’t exactly “soccer”, but somewhere along the lines of that. Soccer has been around way longer. But basketball is still better. First of all, basketball requires a lot of skills. running, jumping, shooting, good communication with teammates, concentration, transition from defense to offense and much more. But soccer on the other hand only requires running. The faster you are, the better you are. So basically …show more content…

But which game is better to watch. I think that basketball would be better to watch. There are lots of reasons to get off your chair in basketball; blocks, 3 points, dunks, ankle breakers, fouls and much more. But in soccer. You only get up when a goal is scored, and in soccer the average score is 2-0 or 1-1. But in basketball, the score could go up to 87-73 or 99-96. That’s why basketball is a better game to watch.
Both sports have players. But how does FIFA or the NBA treat these players? First of all, they both get payed. But how much? NBA players on average get payed $1,790,902 per year however soccer players on average only get payed $50,000 per year. Now that is a huge difference. So pretty much the NBA clearly value their players more than FIFA.
Both sports have star players and good players. But which sport has more, and which ones are more famous. Well basketballs most famous player is Michael Jordan. Basketball has lots of other good players. Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Paul George, Russel Westbrook, Yao Ming and lots of other players. But there aren’t that many in FIFA. So the NBA had and have much more superstar players. That’s because their better and are more exciting to watch. So pretty much the NBA has, had and will have much better players than Soccer does or

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