Benefits Of Soccer Essay

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Soccer is an international sport that is for many centuries and decades. It helps to release the stress from the job, homework and college. Also, preserve the children from negative influences such as drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. The children will grow with a healthy lifestyle. Soccer is a sport that includes eleven members in the team and soccer rules are the same in each country likewise it is played outside in the yard or the club. Soccer is not only about kicking the ball that most of us can do, but the soccer is complex game to play. It has some rules to obey it. However, soccer beginners can improve their skills by practicing. Soccer will improve your health, be fun play with your friends and give you chances to be successful in your life. First, soccer can improve your health and fitness. People of various ages who play sports are healthier than people who don’t do anything at all. Soccer is a useful skill that can do a lot of things with a person’s …show more content…

You can enjoy the moments when you play with your friends and family as well as when you join a soccer team. You will be meeting new friends that you have not met before. It is helpful because you and your team will have rules to do when you play in the field, and they build trust with you which you can know everyone strength from weakness. Gaining a friend can increase your popularity which also at the same time will encourage you to play much better. For example, I have been playing soccer for a long time with my buddies, and they call me in every time there is a match. Most of the countries are playing soccer. Becoming a leader can ensure that everyone is listening to you. The leader will accept the fact whenever you lose and being happy whenever you win. For instance, my team played soccer, and when we lost, the team was sad and the leader encouraged us to be happy by saying that not every time we would win, and we should accept the

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