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During my eleventh grade year of high school, I played soccer. First off, before you can play soccer you have to learn the language of the sport so you will understand how to play, what the coach is saying, and where you are supposed to be on the field. Before I started playing soccer, I thought it was just kicking a black and white ball into a goal. I quickly realized that you have an entire athletic language to learn in order to play soccer. There are different positions, terms, and ways of doing things in soccer. You also have a large variety of terms and hand signals used by the referee to communicate with the players and coaches. In order for you to play on the field, you need to understand what role you play and how you will go about …show more content…

I learned the language from my coach saying things over and over again. Every day at practice our coach would say some of the of the terms that you have to learn and she would also tell us what they meant so that we would remember what they were. Some of the terms that you have to learn are the positions which are Offense and Defense and those positions break down to mid, forward, defenders, and goalie. The goalie guards the goal, the mid and defenders guard the goalie and the goal at the same time, and the forwards are the people who try to score in the goal. Whenever the referees say something you have to know what it means so that you can perform the task like, if he says “goal kick” then that means anybody from that team has to take the ball and set it on the ground at the goal line and kick it out and then hurry back to their position. The referees also says things like “PK” which means penalty kick. A “PK” is where a team member gets knocked down or hit really hard and they get a free kick at the goal. Sometimes my coach would say “Harley, punt”, which meant to kick the ball very far away all the way to the other side of the field. See they would get a free point if I didn’t know what a “PK” was and how to block one. Basically I wouldn’t be a great player if I didn’t know how to communicate with my

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