A Descriptive Essay: The Game Of Soccer

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“Fhweeoooo! Halftime” , yelled the referee.Coming back from the field I knew that we were about to get a mouthful of yelling from Coach Vernon. Starting the game 0-2 in a championship game was not pleasant. “ WHAT WERE YOU GUYS DOING ON THE FIELD” , he yelled viciously. “ I want to see everybody on the field hustling and playing the game of soccer seriously so that we can bring home the trophy”, he said. “EVERYBODY ON THREE, 1 2 3 WARRIORS (everyone yelled). Coming off the sideline I felt that this game was going to be a devastating loss, but still had the gut feeling to play as hard as I could. FOOOH! Went the whistle as we started off passing the ball to each other. “ Pass the ball over here” I yelled with all my might. With my speed I started dashing on the edge of the field all the way to side of the goal. I quickly evaded the defender and in the distance I heard “ Cross the Ball” said Player Number 1 . With all the force I possessed in me, I punted the ball to my teammate and with his strength he leaped to head the ball into the goal and scored the first goal! Everybody was celebrating, but we still knew that this wasn 't the end. As the other team was settling back in their positions, I finally had …show more content…

Winning this game did not only mean bringing a shiny trophy home. It changed the way I thought about my skill and confidence. Few years ago when I started to play soccer, I was not the player that everyone depended on or was the most athletic. Winning my first championship game made believe that this is one of many trophies I will earn. This achievement made me work hard on improving myself as a soccer player. After years of training I have become a player who is reliable and skillful in many ways. My goal in the future is to reach Academy Level, which is a step more difficult in the league I currently play for. Inshallah, if I am able to reach this target, this could give me an opportunity to go

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