Personal Narrative Essay About Soccer

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One of my best days was when my soccer team won the championship. I won several other championships ,but with other teams.This was my first season playing with this team. The major characters in this event were me, my teammates, my coaches and the parents. This event took place in a park at sanger during the summer. I was twelve when my team won the championship. “ Championships bring joy and happiness ,but takes a lot of work to get there. It was a warm and sunny day as I prepared to run the drills before the game. As my team and I were doing the drills such as sprinting,shooting, and passing I was already thinking about the game ,but realized I had to stay focused on the drills for now. As there were ten minutes before the game we kept on doing the drills until I heard my coach announcing the starting lineup. I heard my name being announced so I prepared myself to go to the field. I could already see the trophy as it was in a table. As I walked in the field I could smell the trimmed grass and could hear my teammates say “we got this.” …show more content…

I hear for thirty-five straight minutes straight heavy breathing and I see sweat from both teams since the match is equal. I hear my coach giving us instructions on what to do. As second half starts I can hear the parents cheering for us. I can hear myself panting and could smell the smell of sweat. As see that there is only ten minutes left for the game to finish I can see everyone’s face and see exhausting in them. I notice one of my teammates Sebastian scoring and the whole team starts celebrating.As five more minutes pass and finally remember hearing the final whistle and I see everyone celebrating as we have won the championship.As we were done celebrating and packing our stuff we went in a room where I could see the big

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