Personal Narrative Essay: Space Jam

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Basketball, it's a sport everyone appreciates, especially when you're playing with people you enjoy being around. I enjoy being around Alex, Luke, and Parker. Our team name is AALP Jam, as in the film Space Jam. We’ve been playing together for about 2 years now and this summer was very fun, perhaps even more fun than last summer. We played in a 3v3 in Lewiston last summer, the four of us. We took the W and walked away with medals. This year we likewise walked away with medals, but not the W. There was some very good competition over in Elk Rapids this summer. However, we had no problem with all 13 teams except for 2. The Cadillac team was gigantic, aggressive, and maybe over aggressive. We have some size as well though. Parker is 6’4, Luke is 6’5, Alex is 6’0. Then there's me at a whooping 5’6. Then the game started, we played hard but it came down to the wire. A 14-14 game to 16. It was time to put the clamps on, no points allowed. They passed the ball around the key carelessly, and I took advantage of it. I went out picked off one of the passes and all of a sudden we now had the upper hand in the game that would send us to the championship. I just wanted to get a win and move on. …show more content…

I watched the orange and black lined ball fly through the air. It went through the net. In an instant I had won the game for us. We were all gassed and didn't even want to play the next game. The game before had taken all our energy and our will to play. Although we will have to try. This next team was a stupendous team from Mt. Pleasant. They had been playing together for a long time and we were only together for 2 summers. In conclusion, we were at the disadvantage. The wind picked up and the sun had been beating down on us all day. The game started, it started well, however it quickly, do out of reach. Like 0-5, 2-7, 5-11, and it got worse and worse. By the end, we were just happy we got the

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