Community: I Have The Best Football Team

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I define community as a group of people coming together to accomplish the same goal. There are always people that are going to have differences but when it comes to something that we all want it is put aside and till we accomplish our goal. When we talk about as a community we hear out all ideas and never leave anyone out of it. We have a small community that makes it easy for people to talk get to know each other and work for the same goal. My community is my football team from high school. When I was in high school I went to Fennville we did not have the best football team we did not win many games but what we had brothers for life and nothing can take that way. When we first started the season certain players hung out with certain players …show more content…

This was going to be tough to do because the other team was really good but, we believed in our coaches that they prepared us for the right for our battle that day. When we were warming up you could hear the fans in the stands cheering us on and the music playing. You could see the sun setting in the distance and the leaves falling off the trees and as the sun went down the stadium lights came on and we all new that it was game time. We went out to kick the ball the crowed went to silence and all you could hear was the refers whistle to start the game and as the ball was kicked the fans went crazy. We were playing our hearts out every drive they scored we scored when we were playing you would hear the fans yelling the players yelling and the coaches yelling you would see the player running tackling and teammates giving high fives. You could smell the fresh cut grass you could feel the cold air blowing your hands freezing and your face freezing from it being so cold and windy. Throughout the game you would see my teammates jumping for joy cause of how happy they were when we scored a touchdown you would see players in pain from getting tackled. They would also get down on themselves if they messed up the coaches would get angry if you gave up a big play or if we had a huge loss of

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