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  • Essay On I Want To Be A Teacher

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    Being a teacher today is getting harder and harder every day with every new generation students don’t want to study, and parents don’t care about what their children do they just provide food, shelter and money, but they don’t have a real familiar relationship, so sometimes we have to be more than teacher, even like parents. I work with students that come from difficult situations at home, alcoholism, violence, drugs, etc., so I think that the base of my philosophy is respect I have to respect them

  • Why I Want To Attend Essay

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    Foremost, I work extremely hard in class maintaining a solid GPA of 4.0. My high school courses consist of advanced placement courses and courses that are geared towards my interests. While I believe in achieving the most and being challenged, I also want to learn things that genuinely interest me. Learning to me comes easier if I am intrigued by the information.

  • Why I Want To Be An Economist Essay

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    since I was a little girl, I dreamt about being a successful economist. In this speech, I will show you that economics is a great profession, that I have what it takes and that I have a plan. You must be wondering why does this thirteen year old girl want to have this career? And, I 'm not going to lie to you, sometimes I wonder it myself, but after all, it is my dream. It all started with my father, who is an economist and always showed me how incredible this profession is, but it wasn 't because of

  • Essay On Why I Want To Volunteer

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    I love to volunteer because it is something that I have always loved doing. I also want to spread my name more throughout Houston and along with that be able to give to my city. There's some things that the youth can have their voice in regarding the city. We always want to make sure we have all points of view included in things the city does. I also love working with different people. I love making connections and meeting new people. I love school and I love taking on leadership opportunities. I

  • What I Want To Be In Life Essay

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    mind, because before you know it you won 't have the time. Now let me tell you a story on how I found what I wanted to be in life. So as a kid everyone “knew” what they wanted to be, like for example most guys would want to be a cop, fireman or a doctor ands for the girls they would want to be a princess or a nurse or a dentist and only a handful of those kid get to actually do that when they get older and then the other kid, who knows what they will do. Back to my story so I was about 16 years old

  • Why I Want To Travel Essay

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    Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to travel around the world, but unfortunately, I didn’t grow up with enough money to travel and go on vacation like others may have had. So instead, I stayed at home and wrote stories about traveling to various places on the Earth and fictional places that allowed me to pretend that I was traveling. Never in a million years did I believe that I would have the luxury and ability to go to a university that allowed me to travel to such extravagant and exotic

  • Why I Want To Be A Dentist Essay

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    A lot of people when they hear they hear the word dentist they get scared. This is because some people don’t like to go to any doctor because they are scared of needles. They are also afraid of the thought of getting their teeth pull. It is astounding that a lot of people say that they don’t go to the dentist until there is something seriously wrong. Your teeth is the only bone in the body that is visible. It is important to take care of your teeth because once you lose your teeth it is gone.

  • Why Do You Want To Be A Mentor's Role

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    Patelle Fong 11R04S Mentor Application 1. Why do you want to be a mentor and what would the role involve? I think that being a mentor would be benefitting to me because I would like to help more people, and I want to help others because I can sometimes tell whether or not another person is upset or feeling a certain way, even though I never asked them what was happening because I did not have the confidence to. I think that being a mentor would help me gain more confidence in myself to help others

  • Why I Want To Masters Entrance Essay

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    Since a very early age, I felt that the ultimate happiness for me lay in achieving something that would benefit people around the globe. I realized that the greatest achievement for me would be to take up toughest possible challenges and excel in them in a way that would be inspirational for people around me. It is this realization that helped me to build a nature that would make me strive for excellence in every field that I would step into. And as I went on expanding the horizons of my abilities

  • Describe A Foreign Country You Want To Visit

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    : Describe a foreign country you want to visit but haven’t been to. You should say: where this place is what it is like what you can do in this country and explain why you want to visit the country. The country that I have always wanted to go but have not visited yet is Englnd. I’ve been dreaming to visit there for more than 2-3 years. England has lots of picturesque landscapes and it also has a varied culture. England boasts that it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are

  • Why I Want To Study Math Essay

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    get chance to learn about Matlab and Latex. Although we submitted most of our assignment in paper, we have also supplementary class about Matlab and Latex. I learn basic of these course which, I hope, will help me my future education. Why do you want to study math?this field? This college? I choose math because I’m very passionate about mathematics (why?). I always like to know how this mathematical concepts and formulas are created and what the real life implications of these abstract ideas

  • Essay On Why I Want To Become A Teacher

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    annoyances they bring, I always have and continue to love kids. From their curious minds that soak up new information like a sponge, to their bright-eyed imagination, and their ability to find joy in anything. It is because of these reasons that I want nothing more than to positively impact their lives as a teacher. As far back as I can remember I was surrounded by kids, even when I was a kid. That may sound redundant, but as a child, my mom worked at a daycare. After picking me up from school,

  • Argumentative Essay: I Want To Being A Superpower

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    Human beings are known to be selfish and I won 't deny that. We want to be the best and do the best. We love being the center of attention and most of the time we don 't care about others. That 's why, if we are told to choose a superpower, the first thought we have is "I want to be the strongest”, "I want to be the fastest”, or "I want to be the smartest”. We only think about superpowers like speed, strength, mind reading, being able to fly, and being invisible. We should look around and see the

  • Essay About What You Want In Life

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    transform your life accordingly because life is too short. Knowing a lot about yourself should be the first step to getting what you want in your life. Wise plans will help you do what you believe in, and spend your valuable time and energy getting what you want out of life; not wasting them on doing things you shouldn’t be doing. Who really knows best what you want in your life? Is it all of those people in your family, classmates, colleagues, teammates, neighbours, close friends, people where you

  • Why I Want To Be A Social Work Essay

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    drug she was taking at that point. My parents, especially my dad who has grown up around that type of situation, did not want to give him back each time. His father would beat his mother in front of him, which

  • Why I Want To Be A Dental Assistant Essay

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    Growing up children have think they know what they want to be when they grow up but as they progress and get older they’re ideal career changes for the most part based on the changes they go threw themselves and experiences. For example I wanted to be an Actress because I would to watch the a lot of movies on the daily basis but then as I got older that changed, my ideal job now is have a good paying job and not have to work excess hours. I Chose Dental assisting because the dentistry field has

  • Essay On Why I Want To Go To College

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    to go to college. I know by going to college, and doing what I love, I will be able to enjoy what I’m doing while being able to have a improved life than I had experienced. When I have my own family, I want them to know I did something tremendous with my life and be proud of me as a parent. I want to be able to provide them the life my parents weren’t able to give me. Growing up as a child, I had many obstacles at home dealing with separated parents. My dad lives in a different town with his

  • Personal Statement: Why I Want To Be A Teacher

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    Each time people ask me why I decided to become a teacher, I always travel back in my life at the time I was a teenager. My dream was to serve to my country and be admired for doing it properly. I wanted to be a Police Officer; however, I also wished to leave a legacy in people’s mind and hearts, something that could live on after my life was drained from this world. Mustafa Kemal mentioned; “A good teacher is like a candle; it consumes itself to light the way for others”. When I read that quote

  • Why Do You Want To Be An IT Job Essay

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    opportunities to find an IT job in Finland, where such companies as Nokia and Rovio were established. But there are plenty of factors to consider before applying for a job in IT field here. First of all, you have to decide a particular kind of job you want to do. Information Technology contains hundreds of different professions in it. The basic categories would be support, security, and programming.  Within each of these, there are lots of smaller categories, which you can pursue as an IT specialist

  • Why I Want To Be An Occupational Therapist Essay

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    effect of not being able to complete them. As an occupational therapist I would be able to make a positive impact on someone’s life and make it possible for them to enjoy their life. I want the opportunity to provide support to people, help them gain independence and watch them grow more confident in their own ability. I want to be part of such a rewarding career. I feel that the subjects I have studied have provided me with a good foundation of skills and knowledge that I will use on a daily basis as