I Want To Be A Speech Pathologist Essay

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Growing up, my parents taught me to find ways to give back and to leave places better than I found them. I believe speech pathology is an excellent way for me to achieve that. I have a cousin named Jesse that struggled with a speech impairment when we were little; what I took for granted with speech did not come easily to him. Every day, Jesse struggled to communicate with others and with his self-confidence. As he worked with a speech therapist, it not only improved his communication skills, but changed his life as he felt confident speaking with others.
Recently, I shadowed a speech pathologist, Lisa Nelson, in a retirement community. This experience was rewarding as I saw the extent of what a speech pathologist can do. There was one
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I want to help children be able to succeed in every way possible because of what I saw my cousin go through. I am willing to go wherever help is needed as a speech pathologist to help people succeed. I do not know if I will pursue a higher degree than masters, but I have considered it as I realize that if I want to help teach it will be necessary. I plan on earning my degree in three years since I will spend my first year studying prerequisite courses which I wasn’t able to take in my undergraduate work.
I have attended Southern Virginia University where the motto is “Preparing leader-servants” and a large focus is on developing service minded graduates. After attending SVU for four years, I feel that I have a duty to find a way to serve the community wherever I live. As I thought about what I wanted to do in life after graduating and all the influences in my life towards community service, being a speech therapist made the most sense.
As I start this next phase of my life, I understand that there are plenty of tasks to keep track of and accomplish, but I have learned a great deal about time management, organizational skills, and people skills in my undergraduate studies at Southern Virginia University. I believe that this graduate program will allow me to grow further and to be able to give back in a substantial
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