I Want To Be A Veterinarian Essay

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When asked what they want to be when they grow up, most children say astronaut, doctor, president, or veterinarian. I was one of those kids that replied “a veterinarian” when asked by others. Usually, when one gets older, that career goal changes into something different, but not for me. I did not know it then, but my dream of being a veterinarian would stick with me throughout my life, and influence the choices I make in order to reach that long-term goal. I come from a family that expresses an interminable love for animals. During her childhood, my mother had pets that varied from the typical dog and cat to ferrets, rabbits, frogs, and birds. She was the type of child that would find an animal on the street or in the woods, and bring it back home to keep as a pet, and her parents, my grandparents, even encouraged her to do so. I had the same behavior when I was a child; I, too, had frogs, dogs, …show more content…

I intend on being more than a dog and cat veterinarian; I desire to help those animals, along with others, such as those found on farms, in zoos, or even in wildlife sanctuaries. I also want to do more than just serve animals; I want to change the veterinary medicine field by creating new and more effective medicines and curing diseases and disorders that are uncured in today’s world. Once I become very successful and financially stable, I would like to help up and coming veterinarians like myself. I want to create my own non-profit organization dedicating to helping those ambitious and creative kids support their dreams financially, and obtain mentors and job shadowing opportunities to encourage them and properly prepare them for their future careers. By doing these things, I would change the lives of both animals and humans; animals, by making state of the art changes and discoveries, and humans, by supplementing their already solid passion in veterinary

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