I Want To Be A Mortician Essay

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Although many people have jobs as morticians this would be a job I would not enjoy. Morticians responsibilities are to prepare dead bodies for burial or cremation. I couldn't tolerate being around the dead for hours, because it's so melancholy. I would not want to do any of the job-related tasks associated with this job. Being around death is depressing, because it's associated with so much grief and pain. Having a job as a mortician is the worst job to ever have.

Morticians job tasks are to preserve bodies by injecting them with a embalming fluid. This fluid is used to preserve bodies until the family is ready for the burial. If the family decides on cremation, which is another task the mortician would be responsible for accomplishing. I wouldn't want to be around dead bodies because of how disturbing it would make me feel. This job requires touching a dead body, something I would never want to perform because dead bodies scare me. I feel that being a mortician would require nerves of steel. I wouldn't want to look at dead babies or children and witness parent's grief due to losing their children. I could not put clothes on a dead body, comb a dead person's hair, or put makeup on a dead body.

This job would make me feel depressed, having to think about death constantly. I like being in a …show more content…

I have worked in billing for over four years. I am also great with talking with patients and addressing problems that they have with billing issues. I have become educated on billing and medical coding due to my work experiences. I am provided with new learning materials, and, updated laws for medical billing and coding. My job has prepared me with problem solving skills that I will need with my job as a Health Information Management. I get between 50-80 phone calls per day regarding patients billing questions. While getting numerous phone calls I get a variety of problems to

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