Late Adulthood Case Study

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CHANGING CARE NEEDS THROUGH LIFE STAGES The aim of this assignment is to discuss in general the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of a person in late adulthood. This will be completed by going through each heading and describing the different elements of each stage. Following that, I will compare *the norm* with a lady called Margaret. She is 75 years of age, widowed, no children and lives on her own in the country. She cannot drive and has heart problems and high blood pressure. I will be using the internet, class notes and personal experience for the assignment. Pies of Development during late adulthood Physical Changes Peak of physical strength and endurance is normally during the twenties. Late adulthood …show more content…

From a physical point of view, her mobility is good with no arthritis or many aches or pains. Her hearing is very good, and she wears bifocal glasses. Her major health issue is high blood pressure and the beginning onset of heart failure. She is good at taking her medication, however her salt intake in far too high which leads to high blood pressure. In recent years, is suffering from shortness of breath, she can find it difficult to climb the stairs to bed at night; her facial colouring is very high. She finds it very difficult to sleep more than 6 hours per …show more content…

Her one big fear is the possibility of going into a nursing home, and having no immediate family of her own that is a strong possibility especially if her heart condition deteriorates. She is very appreciative of callers and friends who drop by and always makes them feel welcome. Margaret is quite philosophical about life at this stage, she feels she has achieved a lot, has very close friends and neighbours who have been extremely kind to her since she was widowed. She doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone. She is not afraid of dying, and believes firmly that she will meet her husband and parents again. Her faith is very important to her. She is content and fulfilled but slightly fearful of the future. My own fears and anxieties would be that I could become very emotionally attached to someone in my care. I might not be able to deal with their imminent death. I know that I will be able to care for them properly, but I need to be professional and show empathy to family members in their sorrow. However, since the passing of my own parents, I feel I have become better at dealing with death. I would hope that I have no prejudices and will be able to care for anybody regardless of the

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