Hospice Informative Speech

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What is Hospice? What do we as people think of when we mention the word, Hospice? “Bereavement” in other words that is not always a true statement. I now been with Hospice going on three years; June 17 2016. I have taken care of most of the patients I have had since day one as yes’ there are long term patients not short term. The Amedisys Hospice service that I work for is special, loving, kind and caring; which we provide comfort and support for our patients, which are facing life- limiting illnesses for each family member and loved ones. The reason I chose the topic to write and tell about my story to tell; is because I am a Hospice aide that I experience each week days. I travel from home, to home, work at facilities, and work in the office some. There are lots of our patients choose to be home for their comfort of their illnesses; and some that aren’t able, or do not have the time for their loved ones; they chooses the facility’s such as the nursing homes, not stating that they do not want to care for them in their home, because they have busy schedules or what …show more content…

First of all we have the Amedisys hospice physician, which treat the patients for their chronic illnesses when in need. We have the Registered Nurses, which give the medications and manages it to control the pain that are needed for the patients; also we have a 24/7 on call services for Hospice. We have social workers who documents the patients evaluation that determines if the patient is still eligible for hospice or not; and also we have the chaplains that’s there for their “Bereavement”. And last but not least is the Hospice Aide, which is my Job Title. I am the one that does most of the work, but the last in order; I document the patients daily routines, meaning their wounds, their skin tears, their personal care and promoting compassionate dignity and affirms quality of life for the patient, family members, and their loved

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