Veterinarian Essays

  • Becoming A Veterinarian

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    People who work as vets have jobs that are very serious and interesting, many people become vets if they are interested in science and animals. Veterinarians are people that get to care for and help out injured or sick animals and even save their lives. The pathway for this job is agriculture and environmental systems. Becoming a vet takes hard work and a lot of time, you have to go through training/education and many work tasks. The main, out of many work tasks for this job are to prevent, treat

  • Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Veterinarian

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    enough money for college. After researching the career of a veterinarian, I have decided to pursue this career. Veterinarians have many responsibilities. They examine and treat health or hurt animals. To start, veterinarians give animals shots to prevent diseases and give the animals surgery or put the animal to sleep. Also, veterinarians test drugs and surgical on animals and inspect and test the animals for diseases. Finally, veterinarians are responsible to plan animal nutrition and reproduction

  • Essay On Veterinarian Medicine

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    Veterinarian medicine requires immense knowledge on many different animals’ structures and how they think. Since veterinarian medicine requires extensive knowledge, going to college is a worthy investment because you have to know about the equipment and animals you are working with. Before students go off to college, there are a few things they could do to stand out and have a higher chance of getting into the college of their choice. When students are in high school looking at colleges, they start

  • How To Become A Veterinarian Essay

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    Veterinarian: Helping Your Best Friends Do your pets mean a lot to you? Do you want them to always be taken care of? Do you have a subtle feeling that you can do things to help animals? Becoming a veterinarian might be something you should look into. The first official veterinary medicine school opened in Lyons, France, in 1761. In the U.S. the first veterinary medicine school opened in 1852 (“Veterinarian” Occupational 2). When I was a little girl I realized that I would do anything to

  • A Career Essay: Becoming A Veterinarian

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    Becoming a veterinarian (vets) takes a lot of of work and effort. Education and training is a long and competitive process to even become a veterinarian. Some duties and responsibilities vets do are treating small or large injured animals, and are responsible for other helping their owners care for their animals. The working environment and hours range for different veterinarians who work with different animals. The competitive and hard-working career is worth it though for the high-paying salary

  • Animal Veterinarian Career

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    My career choice is to be a small animal veterinarian, which basically means I will be working with pets. I will work with pets such as: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. Being a small animal veterinarian means I will Examine, diagnose and treat animals, prescribe and administer animal medications, take blood and skin tissue samples and perform diagnostic tests, perform surgery on animals. To be a small animal veterinarian I will have to be able to put up with: loud noises, smells, stubborn

  • Becoming A Veterinarian Essay

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    A career that I would like to pursue is becoming a veterinarian and taking care of the animals. I love animals! What better way to spend time with them and take care with them?! Becoming veterinarian would make animal nature better one by one, I get that animals are misunderstood and abused, I would like to become someone who prevents that’s, that makes all their pain go away. If becoming a veterinarian is what I need to do that is what I’ll do, I will not stand by while innocent creatures suffer

  • I Want To Be A Veterinarian Essay

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    When asked what they want to be when they grow up, most children say astronaut, doctor, president, or veterinarian. I was one of those kids that replied “a veterinarian” when asked by others. Usually, when one gets older, that career goal changes into something different, but not for me. I did not know it then, but my dream of being a veterinarian would stick with me throughout my life, and influence the choices I make in order to reach that long-term goal. I come from a family that expresses an

  • Importance Of Pet Care For Dogs Essay

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    health check up with the veterinarian, receive vaccinations, dental care and have a wellness program so they can live a long and happy life. Just like dogs, cats have the same requirements for veterinarian visits. Adult cats should have a yearly veterinary physical examination, new born kittens should see veterinarian once a month for the first four months and older cats, eight years or older should see the the veterinarian twice a year to catch any illness early. Your veterinarian may recommend a wellness

  • Case Study: The Imperial Animal Hospital

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    As Will Rogers once said, “the best doctor in the world is the Veterinarian. He can’t ask his patients what’s the matter. He’s just got to know.” Veterinarians play an important role in the communities that we live in. For instance, veterinarians diagnose, treat and research diseases and medical conditions within animals. Whether these animals are small, large, or exotic, can visit the veterinarian for a checkup or if they are ill. On St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, the Imperial Animal

  • Wildlife Veterinarian

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    Wildlife veterinarians specialize in the treatment and care of various exotic animal species. Wildlife veterinarians work with with many different animals in many different work environments. They have many responsibilities in their everyday life including evaluating the health of animals and providing treatment for different conditions. A wildlife veterinarian makes about $80,000 a year with a potential for salary growth and traveling opportunities. The education required for a zoo veterinarian is a

  • How To Be A Veterinary Assistant Essay

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    veterinary assistant which include knowing how to handle and get along with animals, earning a high school diploma, and knowing the basics on medical terminology. First, a veterinary assistant must know how to handle and get along with animals. “A veterinarian must get along with animals and should have an interest in science.” (Lanoue and Massengill) This explains that in order to enter this field you must get along with animals. “The ability to enjoy, appreciate, and understand animal behavior is important

  • Essay On Veterinary Assistant

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    Do you love spending time with animals, but more importantly, would like to keep them healthy? Would you like to assist a veterinarian with the tasks of running medical tests as well as feeding and grooming the animals? If so, studying veterinary assisting and technology offers a great way to learn all the basic skills that are required to be qualified for this kind of work. It can be an important first step for anyone interested in becoming a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant and work

  • Persuasive Essay On Veterinary Assistant

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    little. Animals have been an important part of my life and hold a special place in my heart. Having a job working with animals would be the perfect way to combine the personal and professional parts of my life. 5The education requirement for a veterinarian assistant is a high school diploma or its equivalent. Most employers will prefer some type of training before working with animals, but many will accept on the job training. Some employers prefer candidates who already have experience working

  • Marine Veterinary Medicine Research Paper

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    When one thinks of a veterinarian, most associate this job title with treating dogs, cats, horses, cows, and other farm and companion animals. However, a relatively small field not known by the general population is that of marine veterinary medicine. If one has a passion for the water and a desire to help the creatures in it, marine veterinary medicine just may be the perfect career. Marine veterinarians are responsible for “conducting basic exams and evaluations, giving vaccinations, taking samples

  • Acupuncture In Domestic Animals

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    Holistic medicine is a fairly uncommon practice that is now gaining popularity widespread in not just the treatment of humans, but animals as well. In fact, more and more people are going through classes to become certified to work on animals as this offers a drug free pain and stress relief option. Two major branches in the veterinary holistic care are acupuncture and massage. These, like other aspects of medicine worldwide, are approached differently based on the species, age, and function of the

  • A Career As A Veterinary Technician

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    Know Community The career I wish to pursue is a career in Veterinary Technology. A veterinary technician is a person who assists veterinarians in treating and caring for animals in the veterinary clinic. Veterinary technicians assist in administering drugs and medicine, preparing animals for surgery and collecting samples for laboratory research. Veterinary technicians also maintain and sterilize the work environment and lab equipment as well as take inventory, they also handle customer service

  • Essay On Veterinary Specialist

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    Turned into A Professional Veterinary Surgeon As a matter of first importance, let us characterize who is a veterinary specialist. In its expansive sense a veterinary specialist or a veterinary is a specialist whose real obligation is to avert creatures of various sicknesses and also to give restorative and surgical treatment to different sorts of creatures including ranch creatures, family unit pets, zoo creatures, and steeds. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is the administering

  • Equine Dentist Career Essay

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    Although I going to strive to become an Equine dentist, sometimes things get in the way of life and you need to re-route yourself. If life just so happens to get in my way and interfere with me becoming an Equine dentist i have two backup careers. My first one is being a Horse breeder, and my second one is being a Vet tech. I chose theses two careers as my backup plan because most of the college prerequisites and other course work are the same, and because it still has my passion in it, animals.

  • Essay On Veterinary Medicine

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    Did you know that that 77 percent of vets that work at a private clinic treat everyday pets, according to American Veterinary Medical Association that is. The veterinarian field is full of different careers, and each of those jobs does unique things with unique requirements. There was evidence that veterinary medicine started around the 16th century when “ The Indians of North America...captured progeny of horses and cattle...and their animals received only the most primitive veterinary care.”(Smithcors