I Want To Be A Physician Assistant Essay

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Blaire Kennon Mrs. Adams English 9 Pre-Ap 13 April 2017 Physician Assistant The medical field is my dream job. Any time I step into a doctor’s office, hospital, or nursing home I feel comfortable and totally interested. It’s always been said to do an occupation that one loves and enjoys going to every single day. I’ve debated the different occupations in the medical field and decided on a physician assistant. A physician assistant requires medical experience, hard work, and lots of dedication. These are all three things I’m willing to do in order to succeed at this job. A physician assistant takes many steps and somewhat of a long schooling. It’s not near as long as become a physician and it pretty much is capable of doing the same exact things as a doctor. In high school one must receive their high school diploma in order to apply to the college they want to attend. In order to get accepted into Harding University, which …show more content…

There is really not a preference for me on the place of work. Primary care, hospitals, or a rural doctor’s office are all options. My goal is to eventually work as an orthopedic Physician Assistant. My everyday job could consist of many different things. A PA works under the supervision of a physician but can practically perform the same tasks. On a daily basis I could diagnose illnesses, assist surgeries, perform physical examinations, make rounds in the hospitals, and even do assigned tasks during a procedure. Duties depend on state laws, work setting, and the specialty area of the physician assistant. The need for physician assistant is said to grow thirty percent by 2024 and that would be when I was about a semester into the PA program if everything goes as planned. The estimated amount of physician assistants in 2024 is about 123,200 PA’s. Most work full time and could work nights and holidays in the hospital setting. Only 1 in 5 worked part time in the 2014

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