I Want To Be A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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I am a firm believer that in order to be happy and successful, you need to have a job that you love to do. This ideology is what motivated me to want to become a nurse practitioner and help the people in my community. Attending California State University, Los Angeles is allowing me to pursue my academic goal of getting into the nursing program. I aspire to get my bachelors of science in nursing to be able to become a registered nurse. After gaining experience as a registered nurse, I will pursue a master of science in nursing to become a nurse practitioner. A job as a nurse practitioner will allow me to look forward to going to work every day because I know it is something I will love to do. Once I have gained experience as a nurse practitioner and have a stable job as one, I will pursue a doctorate of science in nursing. Being able to treat and help patients fascinates me, therefore every step I take will be worth it. Growing up in a Spanish-speaking home made it hard to have guidance on school assignments. I am an only child with two parents who leave at 5 in the morning and return at 7 in the evening, six days a week. My mother who only graduated from …show more content…

I have decided to become a nurse practitioner to help aid those who are in need and be helpful to people who can only speak Spanish. Communication is key when it comes to health, therefore if I am able to personally understand a patient’s need it will lead to a higher satisfaction among Spanish-speaking patients. I have always found the health field interesting and fascinating, so I strongly feel becoming a nurse practitioner is the best for me. Volunteering at a health clinic made me experience what it is like to work with patients and confirmed it is what I want to do as a career. It feels amazing to do something good for the people in the community which is why I am excited to see what the future

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