Why I Want To Be A Nurse Essay

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Growing up I could remember my mother who is a nurse always loving and helping others. Thanks to her passion for helping and caring for others, I developed the heart to want care for others especially those who aren’t able to care for themselves. Being the eldest child I would always help my mother take care of my sibling. You could say I was their second mom. I love my mother dearly and she will forever be my role model in life. From watching her at work, home and around the community she would always help others even when she too was sick. She would help treat patients who were critically ill with bodily fluid, vomit and help treat wounds. My mother like others women is a single mother, she’s strong, fearless, hardworking and caring all in one. These qualities helped her work as a nurse. My mother’s home country Nigeria which is in West Africa was affected by the Ebola breakout. These factors solidified my career choice of becoming a nurse. The nurses were the ones who give care and assistance to patients who were affected by a virus that they didn’t even know much about. However, they still stayed strong and risked their lives to assist people whose families and community abandon …show more content…

I want to become a nurse, to be able to provide qualified and quality healthcare to this emerging era. I want to give back to my community and to Nigeria. I want to know the basic and be fearless in my work just as my mother was, I want to be professional and efficient in my work. I want to leave an impact on anyone I come across in my work and help those in need. I feel that the University of Texas Austin School Of Nursing will be the best place to kick-start my career. I know that I will fit in perfectly with your eager, willing and determined

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