Being A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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There is a high significance for a nursing student completing their degree in nursing to start their career as a nurse practitioner. Nursing students must prepare to become nationally certified by an accredited body upon completion of their schooling in order to advance their career (AANP, 2016). This academic accreditation process helps to show that the students have met the requirements to practice as a Nurse Practitioner in their population focus testing. The scope of practice will be affected based on the certification that the practitioner obtains. If the Nurse Practitioner obtains a certification as a nurse specialists in pediatrics, oncology, geriatrics, emergency medicine, etc. there are scopes and standards of practices that the practitioner must not act outside of (ANA, 2016). There are also state regulation scopes of practices that allow for Nurse Practitioners to practice independently, with reduced practice, and with restricted practice. Along with these practice environments, Nurse Practitioners must abide by facility and institutional policy and procedures that outline their scope of practice (ANA, 2016). There are very few states that still allow Nurse Practitioners to practice without a national certification. These states in the future may require the nurses however to in fact take national certification as more employers and third party insurers for malpractice are looking …show more content…

Scope and standards of practice. Retrieved from: Nursing Licensure (2016). Nurse Practitioner License Requirements: Change is in the air. Retrieved from: The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (2016). National certification expectations for entry- level NPs. Retrieved from:

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