Disciplinary Defense Insurance Essay

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Patrycja Zygmunt ISBN Assignment Current Board members names and titles? • Natalie Hall, R.N., President • Kim Cooper, R.N., Vice President • Holly Presley, L.P.N., Secretary • Cecelia Smith, R.N., A.P.N. • Andrew Morrison, Consumer Member Case Managers: • India Owens, R.N. • Mary Rock, R.N. • Ayana Russell, L.P.N. • Jeffrey Coto, R.N. What are the 4 major activities of the ISBN? 1. Grant licensure for nurses and maintain their status, 2. Set the standard for nursing education and maintain a list of approved schools, 3. Define and describe standards of the nursing practice, …show more content…

Disciplinary Defense Insurance- If a case where a complaint is filed and you have to appear before the board, you have the right legal assistance. What are the ANA’s standards of practice and how do they differ from the state laws? The ANA standards of practice are rules and regulations. They are not actual laws. State laws are much harder to change and require legislative action to do so. The ANA has 15 standards of practice (1-6) and professional performance (7-15) which are: Standard 1 – Assessment, Standard 2 – Diagnosis, Standard 3 - Outcomes Identification, Standard 4 – Planning, Standard 5 – Implementation, Standard 6 – Evaluation, Standard 7 - Quality of Practice, Standard 8 – Education, Standard 9 - Professional Practice Evaluation Standard 10 – Collegiality, Standard 11 – Collaboration, Standard 12 – Ethics, Standard 13 – Research, Standard 14 - Resource Utilization, &Standard 15 – Leadership How often do RN’s renew their license and what is the consequence of not

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