Court Hearing Process Essay: An Affirmative Defense

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There are many ways an attorney can chose to defend his clients. Depending on the circumstances and the different variables that can be considered in the court hearing process. The attorney should be prepared to consider all facts and evidence presented to counter in his defense against the prosecutor. Attorneys have multiple stances of defenses that can be taken to benefit, or just explain more thoroughly why things happen and the meaning to the actions. So that his clients side of the story is presented with full detail to portrait truth for his statement towards the court. According to Cohen (2014) attorneys try to get the get the best sentencing outcomes for their clients. In other words, depending on the degree of the crime and what the defendant is being charged with, the attorney job is to provide a clear statement explaining why his client may be innocent or to an extent why something could have happened that wasn 't controllable. Main Defense One of the possible defenses that an attorney can chose is an affirmative defense, this just means that evidence is going to be presented to support locational clarity. This defense is the most common…show more content…
Which puts the defendant in a position that indicates his awareness of the crime committed not actually being one. According to Gilligan (2015) punishing people in order to reach an accurate goal or gain some justice doesn’t avoid violence it arouses it. In other words, the defendant not being aware he or she was committing a crime doesn’t mean they should be punished if it was by mistake. This particular defense can be portrayed in many different ways from mental stability to just merely not being conscious of the actions committed. An attorney is usually obligated to provide every possible source of evidence to clearly explain and prove that crime committed wasn 't a conscious and deliberate action to cause harm to any victim nor the

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