Professionalism In Nursing Essay

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What is a nursing profession? It is a profession in which they save lives of patients, advocate for them and educate them. But what kind of job they normally do? There might be many questions come across in our minds about the nursing profession. As we know that nursing is a profession where they follow certain guidelines to ensure that the patients are given the best quality care. Sadly, nurses are being portrayed in the media in the sense that they are perceived by; sexual fantasies of men and are unskilled professionals in the field. It was aired on 24th October 2013. It has caused a lot outrage among the nursing associations in Canada and US. It is a documented reality show of nine nurses traveling around California and broadcasting their …show more content…

Professionalism includes standards of knowledge which is theoretical, practical and clinical. Nurses should be able to share their knowledge with colleagues, client and family enhance their skills to improve quality care and health goals. Nurses should be open-minded and have a desire to learn a new skill, not just to show off; one of the episodes, where the nurse doesn’t have any clue of how to start the IV pump clearly, explains how the media depicts nurses as unskilled professionals in their scope of practice. I feel that nurses should use legislation, standards of practice and code of ethics to practice this profession. After the victory signing up the petition, it seems that still uncertainty of the true image of how nurses are described in the media. That is a huge public problem of the society. Nurses are normally illustrated by the show also as “physician-gold-diggers” where they chat to themselves of working by “hot doctors”. They have failed in advocating the message of helping clients and be sincere with their jobs which caused a stir of controversy of nursing with lack of rightful resources and mainly focussed on personal drama and promoting it to the next

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