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motivating. Thirdly, professional bureaucracies require less managerial tactical decision making and control, thereby enabling management to give greater attention to long-range planning, strategic decision making, dealing with employee concerns, and reinforcing good employee performance. [32]. “Professionalism. When to Use...When the external environment is fairly complex, somewhat unstable or unpredictable, and there is an available applicant pool of professionalized workers.” [32] "The turbulent market environment requires that a manufacturing system is quickly adaptable to changing market conditions and uncertainties. In today’s practice, the majority of the manufacturing systems are designed for flexibility. Flexible manufacturing systems are considered customizable and responsive systems only within a narrow corridor of allowable pre-designed and built-in change features" [18] Figure ‎3 4 Professionalism – Response time, flexibility, Diagnosability, convertibility, Customization Relationship 5. Professionalism has positive effect on Diagnosability 6. Professionalism has reduced the change response time 7. Professionalism has positive effect on flexibility 8. Flexibility has positive effect on …show more content…

Where the work system is designed to allow for low formalization and, thus, considerable employee discretion, jobs should be designed to require persons with relatively greater professional training or education. The rationale for this is rather straightforward: In the absence of formal decision rules and procedures, employees need to have the necessary professional knowledge and skills to make the decisions. Most often, it is the need to have employees that can deal with unique, non-routine, or unanticipated situations that create the need for low formalization and more highly professionalized jobs.

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