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CD 452 Professional Development Reflection The first lesson I chose was Power of Language for Infants and Toddlers. Each lesson taught how to build relationships, language, and every word builds a healthy brain. It taught how to respond to a child in a positive way, there are 5 elements to the responses. What I learned was the Power of Language video taught that with dual learners, you should incorporate some of their language throughout the day. Talking to infants and toddlers can help them to develop and build a strong foundation for literacy. The 5 interactions for response is tune in: pay attention to the child. Facial expressions: get down eye to eye to the child’s level, and smile. Touch: could be a hug, rub on their back, or sitting in your lap, Gesture: hugging, smiling …show more content…

Rhyming builds sounds a child needs to lean literacy and prepare they to read. Responsive interaction involves tuning in and using gestures, facial expressions, and child directed speech. Phonological awareness is the ability to identify the sounds of language. The things I learned was the benefits of rhyming develops relationships, phonological awareness, vocabulary and knowledge. It also builds creativity, imagination, and an understanding of world cultures. There are 7 practices to bring rhyming to life: 1. All about fun. 2. There is an actor in you. 3. Be ready 4. Tune in to the children even more. 5. Participation helps them thrive. 6. Video and rhyme don’t mix. 7. We’re all cultural creatures. I will use rhyming in my classroom by knowing my children and their likes, encourage participation, have one on one interactions, and promote phonological awareness. I will use T-I-P-S I will be T- tuned in to the children. I- introduce the book, P- promote language and S- summarize the book. I will do this type of activity 5 to 8 times a

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