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Class Observation Summary #1 My two day observation took place at Summit Academy high school. It is a school of about 700 students located in the city of Romulus MI. The teacher, Mrs. Jill Carbone allowed me to observe the 6th hour class for two days for 60 minutes each day. This class is composed of 11 English language learners (ELL); ten of the students are Spanish speakers and one student is Urdu speaker. During the two day observations, I had the opportunity to experience how Mrs. Carbone teaches listening, speaking, & pronunciation by incorporating different approaches. During my first observation, the class was a follow up class designed to promote listening skills and oral language development. Mrs. Carbone explained that the class…show more content…
The students were highly engaged. I could say that the concepts to be learn were explicitly linked to ELLs’ background experience and past learning. I listened to the teacher’s speech and voice projection, it was appropriate (not too slow, not too fast), and she emphasized the importance of being respectful/active listeners. She ensured that each students had sufficient time to respond to her questions, and clarify if a student seemed confused (regarding the objectives). As the students did the group work, Mrs. Carbone foster noticing. She did a variety of questions that promoted higher order thinking. For example, she asked, “why this person is relevant to you?” “How did figure has influenced…show more content…
I observed the same class, the sixth period class. Unfortunately, the students had to take the WIDA assessment. As a result, this class was a continuation of a previously class. The goal for this lesson was to promote active listening and speaking skills. The class objectives included: to be able to orally preset poems using key vocabulary (adjectives), to attend to speaker, and to assess what is heard. At first, the teacher welcomed the students and asked them to write for five minutes “morning pages.” Students had to be completely silent, whatever is in their mind (free writing) serving a tool to practice “mindfulness.” This was a double exercise activity; it gave the opportunity for students to develop writing stamina, and Mrs. Carbone uses their writing as a tool to measure learning. Right after that, the teacher explained the lesson for the day, the class objectives. Since the goal for this class, was to finished presenting their work orally and visually, students were prompted to provide positive on constructive feedback, to follow the class agreements (rules) they created at the beginning of the year, and they only practiced for about seven minutes (pair and share). After the students did collaborative learning, they went back to their seat. Then, a few students presented their poems as the rest of the class listened and rated the presenters. Unfortunately, some of Mrs. Carbone’s students

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