2 Day Observation Summary

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Class Observation Summary #1

My two day observation took place at Summit Academy high school. It is a school of about 700 students located in the city of Romulus MI. The teacher, Mrs. Jill Carbone allowed me to observe the 6th hour class for two days for 60 minutes each day. This class is composed of 11 English language learners (ELL); ten of the students are Spanish speakers and one student is Urdu speaker. During the two day observations, I had the opportunity to experience how Mrs. Carbone teaches listening, speaking, & pronunciation by incorporating different approaches.
During my first observation, the class was a follow up class designed to promote listening skills and oral language development. Mrs. Carbone explained that the class
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For example, I learned that the topic enhances the way education is delivered and experienced in a classroom. For example, teaching to be and active listeners, practicing speaking skills, reinforcing the classroom management should start from the minute the students enter into the class. I realized that selecting requires engaging activities to gain students’ interest. It enables students demonstrate skills in an non-threating environment. During the class, I observed the students interested in listening to their peer. Mrs. Carbone explained that by holding students accountable to rate the presentations, helped to promote active listening skills and learning. Furthermore, students grow into their unique learning preferences. Students to gain core information by listening. Some of the Second Language Listening Comprehension dimensions that I notice throughout my observation include: individualization, cross cultural, social, contextualized, strategic, intertextual, affective, and the critical dimension. Students did group work, took notes (for the rubric comments)students listened for details, listened for main points during collaborative learning (directed attention and selective attention),
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