How Did Temple Grandin Influence Agriculture

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Temple Grandin has heavily influenced not only agriculture, but the world. She had such a beautiful, and special mind and proved that if you put effort into what you believe in, you can make it happen. She was determined, and had her heart set on making cattle’s lives as good as you could possibly get. Her deep respect, and passion for cattle helped her change the Agriculture industry forever. Watching the movie Temple Grandin, really opened my eyes to how amazing the human mind can be. She never let her autism hinder just how special her mind was. She had a gift, and used it as such. It was really inspiring to know she didn’t see herself less than anyone else just because of her autism. She says “different, not less” and there is so much truth to this simple quote. No one is less than anyone else, but we are all different in our own special way. Not only did she overcome the fact that she had a mind more complex than others, but she helped introduce the fact that women can be just as involved, and maybe …show more content…

There really isn’t a better word to use than inspirational, because she was nothing short of that. She persevered through all the struggles that life threw at her, and became one of the most famous people known through agriculture and the world. She will remain one of the greatest women ever to have influenced agriculture in such a great way. She came up with so many revolutionary improvements to agricultural structures. She proved that women can play a powerful role in agriculture too, if just given a chance. She also changed the views on the treatment of animals, and how these animals deserve respect for the role they play in our lives. She is a true role model as to how we should act towards agriculture. She also helped the world finally view what autism really is. It isn’t a disease, but a different mind, for they see the world in different ways we do. Remember, “different, not

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