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Billie Jean was overall a strong activist for women, equality, and people who we’re within the LQBTQ+ community. Billie was born in 1943 in California. Throughout her childhood her family encouraged her into athletics and she was extremely intrigued and competitive. She ultimately got her motivation from her childhood church and by being competitive with those around her who also participated in the athletic sermons every Sunday in church as young children. Growing up she eventually overcame being a great tennis player and eventually was able to be known as a very dominant athlete. With being a dominant athlete she was eventually illustrated as the first female to be named “Sportsperson of the …show more content…

She married her husband earlier in her career and he ended up supporting her through her troubles and struggles. He supported her organizations known as the (Women SPorts Foundation) providing easier access to women in sports. Alongside this they created (TWW) (WorldTeamTennis). With this she became not only an advocate but a coach as well helping younger girls and even women be more confident in themselves and equality as well. She then was named the only woman to be a commentator and was basically rewarded by getting a more in depth involvement within a professional sports league. Overall she was known around the world for her bravery and accomplishments that still to this day are extremely important and …show more content…

Her personal life went deeper than fighting for her rights and eventually dealing facing her truth. Through the early 1970s she found herself within a secret romantic relationship with a woman. She was scared to face her truth being her parents were both homophobic and because of all her progress. She feared all her achievements to be pulled from underneath her feet and deals to be completely done for her. Sure enough she had reasonable doubts and realized everything she feared was actually reality. She was outed as a lesbian in 1981 and lost endorsement deals and she was extremely urged not to confirm it because of the opinions of others. King didn't agree and she wanted her truth to be out, she eventually divorced her husband in 1987 and kept the relationship friendly. SHe afterwards began dating a tennis player named Llana Kloss and they were married for over 40 years. WIth being outed she stated how horrible it was and how rough it was on her and her career. She herself struggled to accept her truth but in the end officially was able to be herself even with a conservative family, husband and a hard career she built from the ground

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