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Sandra Kay Yow is one of the most inspirational coaches. When she was in high school she once scored 52 points in a game. Her coach then predicted that she would make history in basketball. She thought it was insane at the time. In 1965 she began coaching at Allen Jay High school. The principal of the school said she could teach there and requested that she coach the girls basketball team. Kay coached there for 4 years and then coached at Gibsonville High school for 1 year. Her record then was 92-27. Her dedication to basketball was amazing. She was the first person to get the Jimmy V Espy for Perseverance. She survived 2 long battles of cancer and her third time with the disease she lost the battle. She had cancer 22 years out of her ____ coaching career. In 1975 Kay Yow started coaching at North …show more content…

In the summer of 1987 Kay Yow had surgery for breast cancer. The cancer later returned in November 2004 which needed further surgery. In 2009 her 3 battle with the disease she lost. 2006-07 she missed 16 games due to breast cancer, she also became 6 Division 1 women’s coach to win 700 games. The court was also renamed the Kay Yow court.
It’s true that she continued to coach into the semifinals during her father’s death. Despite that factor she always put other people’s feelings in front of her own. She always loved competition and was a great competitor.
I think that Kay Yow deserves the Bulldog award for her perseverance. She had wonderful dedication to women’s basketball. When she got cancer she started a fund for breast cancer research. She always put other people's thoughts and feeling in front of her own.During her long battles with breast cancer she never felt sorry for herself. In March 2006 she told New York Times “I don’t think, why me? I think why not me?” One of her famous quotes was “When life kicks you let it kick you forward.” -Kay

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