Katherine Johnson Legacy

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You might not know the day of August 26,1918 (Biography.com) it was a day that changed history forever. Despite racism and segregation, Katherine Johnson was the first African American woman to assist the apollo team at NASA. Johnson overcame obstacles through her life for her to get to such a place. She was a monumental piece of history. To fully understand what she accomplished one must know about her early life, rise to fame, and her greatest legacy. always stands with pride in everything she does in her life even when she doesn't get the right respect in life. First , from day one Katherine had always been smart through her school years , she always loved to count, her mom and siblings would always say “she was the girl who …show more content…

By showing that she can do that she is setting examples that anyone can do anything they just have to put in the work and never give up not matter what. Like Katherine Johnson known as the woman who loved to count, she also had many other wonderful things in her life like being a wife ,mother, and a right to freedom in history. Her life has inspired many young women around the world to stand for what they want in life and don't hold back and also respect people and make sure they respect

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