Literary Analysis Of 'The White Album' By Joan Didion

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2) This extract is found in “The White Album” written by Joan Didion, who is the creator of many significant different literature pieces, both novels and essays. “The White Album” was published in 1979, and is the first and longest essay in the book. In this essay Joan Didion essentially uses a women as a connecting thread to describe what was happening in America at that time. I believe that the woman may even be herself to a certain extent, trying to externalize all her thoughts. What is perceived from the essay is that Didion was submerged into the focus of some big events that were happening in that year, not only as a journalist but also as a bystander and a normal Californian. Didion was also having some psychological problems at the time, and so to her all these events seem to have a connection. Although she is aware that what she is saying may be mindless, she wants to be transparent and tell the audience exactly “how it is for her”. Although my perspective may have changed to a certain extent, using writing as therapy and as well as all the events that have occurred in the 60s. I believe that one primary and essential theme in Didion’s essay would be the relevance and significance she gives to narrative, including the forms, the purpose we give to it, and how we all create …show more content…

By writing it down and sharing it with a large audience, she was able to transmit her stories and the events that happened in those years, as well as her own personal status to create herself an identity and to define her state of

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