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Lucy Flucker Knox….. By Annika Heieie Lucy Flucker Knox helped with her own time and resources when ever possible. "I hope you will consider yourself as commander in chief of your own house,but be convinced, that there is such a thing as equal command.” By Lucy Flucker Knox. This quote means that everyone has an equal say. No one should be more powerful than someone else. This is one of the reasons she is famous. She didn’t think she had a lesser value than someone else. Lucy is a famous person because she helped everyone and was brave during the Revolutionary war. She was born on August 2, 1756 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father was the royal providential secretary, Thomas Flucker. Her mother was the wealthy, Hannah Waldo. She was home schooled and had access to a library at all times. She would always be at the local book store reading. This lead her to meet the owner Henry Knox, who she eventually married. …show more content…

When Henry decided to join Revolutionary forces she rode next to him, with a sword in her cape. She fed soldiers and gave them water. She had twelve children and nine of them died before adulthood, that didn’t stop her either. She still tried to help. One major issue she had before becoming famous was her family disowned her. But Henry always had her. She did have an impact on the world. She helped the soldiers of the Revolutionary War, she helped them which may have been part of what they needed to win the war. By doing this she helped show that even though you may be a women you can still make a big difference. She showed that you can make a difference no matter what. You can alway do something with a positive effect. Lucy Flucker Knox was a brave and honest women. She never gave up and was optimistic. It would be good to make a good difference and be positive about it. I look up to her because she always tried to make a great, positive

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