Women's Contribution To The American Revolution

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Winning Independence The American Revolution was a war of dependence that consisted of thirteen colonies declared against British’s political ideas and religions during 1765 to 1783. Under the achievement of revolution, there were the Continental Amy—which was created by George Washington, who was a commander-in-chief, and John Adams—Congress, who helped to raise the Continental Amy, and large groups of colonists. In addition to those groups of revolutionists, women were also one of major forces that helped waged war against the British redcoats and soldiers. These women had participated and contributed to the outcome of the revolution. In the beginning of 1753, the first important woman was Phillis Wheatley, who was an African slave. She …show more content…

There was a huge number of women who joined the Continentals in battle. One of them was “the renowned Mary Ludwig Hays,” also called “Molly Pitcher,” who “took her husband’s place behind a cannon when he [had] fallen” (Gillon, pg.204). Furthermore, there were a number of women who had neither participated nor contributed to fight against British in the revolution war, but they had done something else, such as developing the Volunteer organizations. In Philadelphia, for example, Esther DeBerdt Reed developed the Ladies Association of Philadelphia. This association “solicited door to door for money to purchase linen for soldiers’ shirts” (Gillon, pg.207). Not only doing those things, some townswomen also made soldiers’ uniforms and combat equipments, and managed their farms and stores. Even though the successful parts of the American Revolution mostly derived from men forces, women forces were definitely significant too. They were the ones who took care of the soldiers’ lives in the camp, earned some money to help making uniforms and equipments. And they also took care their property, including to farms and stores, while their husbands were fighting. Therefore, this victory of independence might not happen if there had no any civil

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