Women's Suffrage Thesis

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Thesis Proposal
The impact women’s right to vote had on economic growth in the U.S, as women in integrated into the labour force from the 1920’s to the 1990’s.
Prior to the 1920s, before women got their right to vote in America. They took up in the more subservient role in society, they were not seen as equal to the men. And their traditional roles included staying home, rearing children and looking after their families. Women were not granted the right to vote until August 18th 1920 (The 19th Amendment, n.d.). The 19th Amendment to the U.S Constitution granted American women the right to vote—a right known as woman suffrage. This was only less than a hundred years ago, while men have been given that right since the beginning
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Although Mill was very keen on women being giving the rights to vote he was not taken by the idea of women become independent from their husbands. It is well known that the suffragettes contributed a great deal in which women were given the rights to vote worldwide. The suffragette movement didn’t begin to take place up until 1890. There were seventeen individual groups who came together all supporting the women’s suffrage. This included the London Society for Women’s Suffrage, Manchester Society for Women’s Suffrage and the Central Committee for Women’s Suffrage. Together the groups formed the National Union of Women 's…show more content…
In the book written by (Gavin, 1997) it was cited that “As women took over from their absent men in hundreds of new and challenging occupations, many of which had previously been considered inappropriate”. From the beginning of the World War 1, the German women were participating a great deal. They contributed to half a million-people working on the munitions manufacturing alone (Gavin, 1997). It also mentioned in the book that over in the U.S, the men in charge refused to let the women participate up until April 1917 (Gavin, 1997). The U.S government never formally authorize the enrolment of women, despite Army officials repeatedly asking for such personnel’s. Yet it mentioned that “Several thousand U.S women, of course, did serve as Army and Navy nurses. They had no rank or benefits” (Gavin, 1997).
Women obtaining the right to vote would be one of the most prominent characteristics to come out of the 20th Century. Their lives took a turn for the better, they could acquire jobs outside their homes, the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, which happened on January 22nd 1972 (OBOS Abortion Contributors, 2014) and education was much more accessible for
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