Research Paper On Women's Suffrage Movement

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The women’s suffrage movement was a very difficult time for these women at the time. On June 20, 1908 is when the suffrage day happened and everyone was there including the women who wanted their right to vote. The women went through some difficulties to get their right to vote. Speeches were being given that day. Four years later a march happened. This march was to celebrate what was going on between the women. Everyone said that the march was enormous. It was so big that only certain people were allowed to go and they had to wear certain colors and rode in carriages. This was to show who was supposed to be there and who was not supposed to be there (“Adams”). The women did not stop there. The women came together and wanted an amendment …show more content…

This was called The National American Women Suffrage Association, also known as NAWSA. The NAWSA was an association that was put together between two associations to become one big one. This was a start for all the women who wanted their right to vote to come together and earn it. They made the NAWSA alive and they wanted to keep it going so that it would help gain and attain their right to vote (“National”). The women did not want it to die. They were going to fight for what they wanted. Susan B. Anthony was inspired to start helping women earn this right through many things. She first got the idea to help the women when she was campaigning to ban alcohol. Because she was a woman, no one from the conferences would let her speak, as women were not allowed to speak at the conferences. Susan B. Anthony realized that women would not be taken seriously in politics unless they had what the men had, which was the right to vote (“Susan”). Many speeches were given to help them gain their right. Susan B. Anthony gave speeches so that it would help them gain the support they needed for their journey. She did this to prove to women that they were not going to be taken seriously unless they prove that they can, which was getting that right for them. In 1872 Susan started doing things by herself. She went to vote illegally for the presidential election

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