Women Suffrage Movement In The Progressive Era

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During Progressive Era, there were many reforms that occurred, such as Child Labor Reform or Pure Food and Drug Act. Women Suffrage Movement was the last remarkable reform. This movement was fighting about the right of women to vote, which was basically about women’s right movement. Many great leaders – Elizabeth Cad Stanton and Susan B. Anthony - formed the National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA). Although those influential leaders faced hardship during this movement, they never gave up and kept trying their best. This movement was occurred in New York that has a huge impact on the whole United States. The first women’s rights convention was happened in July 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, known as the Seneca Falls Convention.…show more content…
Women Suffrage movement began more active after 1894. For example, “In New York City, Josephine Shaw Lowell and Mary Putnam Jacobi formed the Woman Municipal League." (Dubois, 189) This organization was primary focusing on the corruption of public. “By the early 1900s, moreover, the spirit of political reform in New York City spread beyond the elite.” (Dubois, 189) For instance, African American women also began their suffrage by forming the National Association of Colored Women in 1903. "…with links to the Democratic Party and the labor movement, A Women 's Henry George Society, and a female wing of William Randolph Hearst 's Independence League." (Dubois 189) This quote presents several of representatives that women had done to the whole society.
Women Suffrage Movement did not end at 1912, but this year was the most significant breakthrough through the whole event. For the first time of the national party in United States, Republican Party adopted a women’s suffrage plank. “The favorable Minority Report meant that some of the leaders of the Republican Party supported women 's rights claims on the Constitution.” (Dubois, 124) Dubois suggested that Republican Party somewhat support women’s rights, even though they did not began their action
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This movement not only involved with white suffragists, but also with the black suffragists; the whole event was concentrating on sex and racial equality.
"As Stanton consistently put it, the republican lesson of the war was that popular sovereignty, the equal political rights of all individuals, preceded and underlay government and nations.... The belief that the right to vote was the individual 's natural right made the case for woman suffrage much stronger." (Dubois, 91)
Stanton believed that through the lesion of equal political rights and individual’s natural right made the woman suffrage even stronger. The biggest winner of the whole event is Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Both of them put almost their lifetime concentrating on women’s right that heavily effects on United States as well as other countries afterwards. Without those helps from those associations and suffragists, perhaps United States still struggle with women’s legal rights

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