Women In The Progressive Era

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Women in the Progressive Era began with little to no rights at all. They didn't have any other role in society especially for poor white women except to stay at home and do what their husbands tell them to do. Over time women began to give themselves an identity, and rights through feminism, icons, and taking action. They began to make a change and make a bang culturally. Jane Adams on of the first most prominent female activists created this idea of "the new woman," during the Progressive Era. By the year of 1900 she had managed to have close to eighty thousand women college-educated in the U.S who eventually got employed in many pink-collar jobs such as nursing, social services, and education. After 1900 Enraged middle class women who …show more content…

This led to more than have of the states to adopt womens suffrage fully, and in 1913 Illinois was the first state to allow women to vote in the presidential election. This was one of the first steps to bringing women into the public eye, making a change, and making a name for themselves. Also in 1913 the workmen's compensation laws began to almost group men and women together for once and provided benefits to workers male or female who had been injured on the job. In 1914, the idea of feminism came about and according to one feminist speaker it was a sort of womens emancipation as a human being and a sexual being.This emerged the flapper. This was a free flowing, bob haired, short dress, sexual woman. She was an icon or a "new breed" of women and for women everywhere during the progressive era who led to the idea of greater female liberty, free sexual expression, and reproductive choice. Lastly on womens rights during this era, birth control came about! This raised a big issue for men especially because it was finally a time where they wouldn't be in control. They wouldn't be able to have full control of their woman and this wasn't normal for this time period. in 1914, Margret Sanger began to advertise birth-control

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