Women's Role In The Progressive Era

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The progressive era which lasted from 1890-1920 in American society was the institution of radical reforms brought about by the millions of Americans involved in volunteer organizations across the country. During this time Americans worked to create solutions to the problems caused by the rapid industrialization and urbanization of the country. The progressive era was not a single movement, but rather a collection of movements all of which were intended to improve the lives of Americans. This was a truly remarkable time for women and the end of the era would see almost universal women’s suffrage with the passing of the nineteenth amendment in 1920. The success of the progressive era can be contributed, at least in part, to the large participation of women in these volunteer organizations across the country. Women began to take control of what they considered to be their society as well. Women took an almost maternal approach to the changes they wished to institute. …show more content…

As women became more involved their ability to further improve their societal standing increased as they gained more power through reform. Women became more involved in the workforce. They were paid more, better protected, and more well respected. World War One showed the nation that women could fill the role of men and produce on a level that made them important. Women also changed the progressive era by focusing on the welfare of the poor and low class. Through the Children’s Bureau they were able to decrease infant mortality and improve the living standards of children in orphanages. The settlement houses improved healthcare and education for immigrants. This is all a result of women’s growing place in society because of the progressive

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