Impact Of Fashion In The 1970's

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In the 1970’s fashion was a big part of culture as it is today. Music has had a big impact on the women, male, and children fashion. Politics affected the way the songs were written. In the 1970’s most things were related somehow. The 1970’s is the decade for classic fashion, managed politics, and “far out” music.
The 1970s was definitely a decade for “far out’ fashion. The early 70’s was the time for crazy bright colors, long, flowing skirts and pants. The fashion in the 70’s was similar to the fashion today. Today in 2018 we wear flowing skirts and pants. In 2018 we don’t wear as much of the bright colors as we used to but our outfits share a lot of the same characteristics. People in the fashion industry have lots of the same ideas today
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In the 70’s short shorts and tight t-shirts with roller skates. We don’t wear roller skates today but we wear short shirts and tight shirts. The summer fashion didn 't change much through the whole decade.
Men fashion barley changed through the whole decade.Most of the mens clothes was made from polyester, cotton, velour, and terry cloth. Terry cloth didn 't become popular until the end of the decade. Terry cloth was most popular for shirts. The men often wore leisure suits and track suits. In the late 70’s sports became very popular, thats when tracksuits became more and more popular.
The men wore very tight pants. Men also had very flowy hair. The men didn 't wear hats often because they wanted to leave there hair flowy. When they would let there hair grow out they let there facial hair grow as well. The men also never liked to tuck in the shirts. They oftenly would have flowy hair and flowy shirts. Through the year the mens pants got tighter. The pants most often wore were low rise bell bottoms. They would wear platform shoes with there
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Women’s rights was a big deal because women were not treated equal to men. “38 states ratified the amendment right away” ( The states that had not already confirmed the amendment were very close to confirming it. Indiana was one of the first states to ratify the E.R.A. from then on the feminist communist began to build from there.
Many groups were formed to expand the social and political rights for women. “In 1972 congress approved the equal rights movement to the constitution” ( In the 1970’s there were several rally walks in bigger cities to protest womens rights. The women would march day and night just to prove they should have equal rights as the men. The woman eventually succeeded and received equal

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