Political Influences On Fashion

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The word fashion design, the fabrication of fashionable clothes, originated from Paris, France. Paris was known to influence fashion and it also had names like fashion capital, fashion became more influential in the nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. Jen Viegas claims that individuals first wore clothing about 170,000 years ago after the “second-to-last ice age.” Scientific researchers performed on lice’s DNA because of the relation between clothes and lice. The first, fashion designed piece was a dress, History of Fashion states that the royal court was the original inspiration for the expansion of the dress, the royal court would often get their pieces made anonymously. Sue Taylor states that there are two types of classification …show more content…

According to Marissa Brassfield, “ it describes the ever-changing style of clothes worn by those with cultural status.” The fashion industry is influenced by several individuals, fashion can be influenced in many directions because of the different mindset of fashion designers. Fashion designers often Are inspired by other designers, and or the environment fashion designers are in. Prior to the French Revolution, elegance, and sophistication was the look, according to Makers, fashion influences like Marie Antoinette was a major contributor. The royal court would often wear big and extra dresses in the everyday life as well on festive days, fashion drastically changed after Josephine Bonaparte wore simple white high waisted dresses (Makers). The 1960s, folk and the controversy of politics was a major contribution to fashion. Designers like Emilio Pucci and Jackie Onassis Kennedy influenced their creation onto what Several ordinary citizens would wear accessories, headbands, medallions, loose fabrics but others would often wear colorful tight skirts, hot pants claims Brassfield. In the era of 1980, Punks with often use change as an accessory, heavy boots, and other types of clothing that made them noticeable. According to the brief history of fashion trends, their hair appearance was more significant, as well as eye makeup. Once

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